Joseph Cathie

Tena Koutou Katoa
Ko Whakauru Te Maunga
Ko Waka Rererangi te Waka
Ko Tokoroa toku Kainga
Ko Cathie Toku whanau
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Ko Joseph toku Ingoa

Kia Ora
My name is Joseph Cathie and I was born and raised in Tokoroa. At the age of 18 I set off to the University of Waikato to complete my bachelors in psychology and education studies. Shortly after I got into the field of support work, working with special needs children on basic
homecare/assistance with everyday life. This valuable experience ignited the passion for teaching that brought me to North School. I was so excited to be offered an opportunity to teach at Tokoroa North School. My experience here began as a student teacher in Mrs Barbers classroom. She taught me the ins and outs of teaching and lovingly became my mentor teacher. The staff at Tokoroa North School are incredibly supportive and understanding. There isn’t an issue that can’t be resolved in this school. Everyone is very helpful and shares the same goal; giving our tamariki the best education possible. My passion for music has been an amazing edition to the classroom. As a hobby I write and produce music, alongside 10+ years of playing shows with a band across the Waikato. Music is a major part of what the kids and I do everyday in the classroom, from composing our own warm up routines to my guitar, to writing our own classroom anthems and singing in front of the school. I also coach one of the schools basketball teams, as an avid basketball fan it is a great edition to the schools vast variety of sporting opportunities.

You can reach out to me via email at