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Please list your work experiences for the last five years beginning with your most recent position. Please explain any gaps in employment. If you were self-employed give details.

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Please provide the names of three people who could act as referees for you. One of these should be your current or most recent employer. Please indicate which referee is your current/previous employer in the table below. If you have included written references from people other than those recorded below, please note that we may contact the writers of these references.
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The information I have supplied in this application is true and correct.
• I confirm in terms of the Privacy Act 1993 that I have authorised access to referees.
• I know of no reason why I would not be suitable to work with children/young people.
• I understand that if I have supplied incorrect or misleading information, or have omitted any important information I may be disqualified from appointment, or if appointed, may be liable to be dismissed.