Key Features

Our supportive community has provided resources and equipment to assist the staff in attaining our mission statement.

School hall

Solar heated swimming pool


Quality books, modern equipment and computers

Safe playground equipment

A well-resourced Learning Support Centre for children with additional needs

Sheltered outdoor spaces for each classroom


Pupils who:

take pride in what they do

are courteous

willingly accept challenges

are eager to please

are caring of one another

respect individuality

are sensitive towards cultural differences

are creative

are familiar with computers

will be offered every opportunity to succeed

Tokoroa North School

Dedicated Staff

A staff dedicated to giving their best to all pupils, keen to use the most modern teaching equipment, resources and methods.

Perceptual Motor Programme

PMP provides meaningful activities, through movement, and experiences in areas that have been shown to be related to cognitive development prior to the onset of formal learning.

Digital Technology

Each class has Chrome Books and I-Pads available for student use.

Children with special Abilities

Extension and enrichment programmes are provided.

Education outside of the classroom

Every child has the opportunity to participate. Experiences may include day trips to local areas and further afield. Y5 & Y6 students have the opportunity to attend camp.

Performing Arts

Team 1 takes part in the bi-annual Music Festival and Culture Festival. Team 2 produces and presents an annual show. Team 3 present an annual Folk Dancing Festival.

Children with Learning Needs

Learning needs are identified and programmes provided. The school has a wide variety of support programmes in operation.


There is after school and weekend winter sports available.